Capital Markets for Geologists

Just before the actual FEM19, Sirli attended to a special short cource "Capital Markets for Geologists".  
Well, to be honest - our CEO Sirli is not a geologist, but many of her colleagues and dear friends are - so now she understands a bit more what they are speaking about:) 
This two-day course was presented by geologists/engineers who have accumulated decades of experience in mining and mineral exploration and have successfully applied those experiences to the capital markets. It provided an amazing unique perspective of the finance industry and offered an introduction to the “business side of mining” to anyone interested in the connection between corporate finance, investment banking, mineral exploration and mining.

Attendees were given the opportunity to evaluate a hypothetical
project using discounted cash flow modelling and present their findings.
Teachers Nicole Adshead-Bell, Neil Adshead, Dale Mah and
Joe Mazumdar gave also a brilliant summary in the panel session of FEM19.  Thank you! 

BiotaTec at FEM19, Levi, Finland
Attending PDAC2020 in spirit

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