Grant from Estonian Business and Innovation Agency

Recently, one of BiotaTec OÜ’s ambitious plans, namely the upscaling of e-waste valorization technology, was supported by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, through an applied research program with 1.94 million euros. Outstanding, highest support from given program call was awarded to proposal named „Next-generation bioleaching technology for isolation of precious metals from e-waste and converting them into nanometallic particles. (RE.5.04.22-0064)“. The total budget of the three-year development project is 3.62 million euros.

The program for applied research supports the development of innovative products and allows you to grow your company’s income by developing new or significantly enhanced technologies, processes, products, or services.

BiotaTec OÜ started working on the development of bio-mining solutions already in 2010 with Estonian black shale, later significantly expanding the range of critical sources of raw materials for several ores and industrial residues. To date, the BiotaTec OÜ development team has implemented hundreds of improvements, establishing the most effective collection of microorganisms for different residues.

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