Visiting Rein Palvadre

On the 20th of July, we had the privilege to visit Mr. Rein Palvadre  (born in 1934) at his beautiful summer-cottage.
After his successful active scientific career from 1959 until 1991, Mr. Palvadre was a Head of Environmental Impact Study Group of mining the Dictyonema Argillite during 1991-1994.  During the Soviet times among other topics, Mr. Palvadre studied the possibilities to extract rare earth metals from Argillite using ion-exchange methods. Based on his very promising results in extracting Uranium, Vanadium, and Molybdenum a plan for building a pilot unit was drawn up. Majority of Mr. Palvadre’s work was classified as top secret and copies of test results were kept in Moscow under strict supervision.
We were extremely happy to see that he is in good health and ready to come and run fascinating tests at BiotaTec lab!
Thank you, Rein, for a wonderful day!