Back in 2010, we at BiotaTec performed trial bioleaching tests with Graptolite Argillite. We were especially interested in extracting Vanadium, Rhenium and Molybdenium.
Due to fascinating results we carried out a further investigation that resulted in a vision of a 
combined method for the degradation of organic geopolymers and bioleaching  of metals from given Estonian black shale.  In a given approach, specially developed consortia of microorganisms produce methane gas in anaerobic phase at neutral pH while simultaneously freeing metals through degradation of organic complexes.
We named the technology BiotaMet, and we started to adapt the microbial consortia to  work with very different low grade raw materials.

                                                                             5 years long research resulted with a patent application in 2016 and PCT in 2017.

The approach of BiotaTec can be adapted for any organics and metallic complexes containing ore / mining waste that is considered not valuable for processing with less profitable traditional technologies or common bioleaching at acidic conditions. Through the generation of methane gas as energy source, the whole process would be more cost-efficient, by breaking up the organic complexes more valuable metals would be extracted and the solid waste of would be more environmentally friendly. 

New R&D projects have started since with samples of different oil shales, Phosphorite, black shales, Bauxite Residue, and waste electronic equipment.

Was that interesting? Please send us an e-mail with your thoughts and we will be excited to perform preliminary tests with your low-grade ore or waste.

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