Topic of the AgreementCustomerYear
1Preliminary socioeconomic assessment of bioleaching ArgilliteMinistry of Environment,
Republic of Estonia

2Possibilities to produce Methane Gas via bioleaching ArgilliteEnterprise Estonia2014
3DNA analysis of environmental samplesInstitute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, University of Tartu2012-2016
4DNA analysis of Glomeromycota amplicons via lllumina MiSeqUniversity of Tartu2015
5Metagenomic analysis of soil samples Agricultural Research Centre, Estonia2014
6Innovative fermentation technologies for dog feedPandivere L.T. OÜ2012-2014
7Innovative processing methods for waste from wood industry Artiston Ltd
8Amplification of environmental samplesTallinn University of Technology2010-2012
 9 Validation of PCR based quantitative methodTallinn University of Technology   2010-2012
10Metagenomic analysis of soil samples.Tallinn University of Technology